This year keep your resolution simple. Make just one change for happiness. What if a single change makes your near ones happier and bring a complete ‘new you’? This time
This Diwali let’s reach within for the light. Diwali being one of the biggest festivals in India seeks prosperity, wealth & Happiness. The preparation starts earlier. It is customary and
Compassion cannot be cultivated; it is a result of diminishing fears within you. Compassion arises when fear diminishes, fear diminishes when love arises. Love arises when you know who you
If you are silent in your mind, you are relaxed. The essence of any Yoga technique is to make you experience the relaxed state of mind. We flood the mind
We intend to skip our meals once, twice or even thrice a week. Skipping breakfast is more common and often dinner is missed. Our meetings, our schedules take a priority and
Right from the day we are born to the day we die we keep classifying people, things, issues as “mine” and “not mine”. It starts with our own body, thoughts,
The introduction of junk food was a blessing to our taste buds but has proven to be a curse to our health. They have managed to get us addicted, and
‘Annijja’ is the term that Buddha used to indicate impermanence of everything in this material world. We get attached to the impermanent and then wonder why peace is not permanent.
We can not change much of the pollution around us and the foods abundant with pesticides. but we surely can take small steps to change unhealthy eating, diet,  and the
We all are looking for meaning in life. In our daily life we often focus only on ourselves and we forget that there is a bigger purpose beyond these materialistic