Add joy to your life

We all are looking for meaning in life. In our daily life we often focus only on ourselves and we forget that there is a bigger purpose beyond these materialistic possessions. We receive more than we can imagine when we start doing more for others and less for ourselves. We then find meaning in our life.

Assuming a life expectancy of 80 years we have only 29200 days to live in toto, of which we have already spent a considerable amount. If you haven’t yet figured out what brings you joy and haven’t started including those things in your daily lives, its such a waste of precious time. By joy I don’t mean pleasure of the senses or ego, by joy I mean what fills your heart. Loving, giving, caring, sharing are things that bring joy to the heart. Make a commitment to yourself to lead the rest of your life joyfully – If not now, when?

So if you still haven’t found true meaning in your life, then act today as the time is running out.

Wish you a joyful weekend.

Add joy to your life
About Ajit Bam

Ajit Bam is a Philanthropist, Writer, Mentor at FREE - Forests, Renewable Energy, Environment. A Chartered Accountant by Qualification with extensive continuing education in Executive Management Programs @ Harvard Business School, Michigan- Ross Business School, IIM-A. He has pursued spiritual interests since an early age exploring inner facets of self through Vipassana, Isha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, other yogic approaches / meditation techniques.

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