Nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments

‘Annijja’ is the term that Buddha used to indicate impermanence of everything in this material world. We get attached to the impermanent and then wonder why peace is not permanent. The moment we realize that everything (including ourselves) is impermanent, the spiritual journey starts and gets deepened when this awareness gets established in every moment of our existence.

Sharing a lovely zen anecdote and wishing you an aware week ahead.

It will pass

A student went to his meditation teacher and said, “My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!”

“It will pass,” the teacher said matter-of-factly. A week later, the student came back to his teacher.

“My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It’s just wonderful!”

“It will pass,” the teacher replied matter-of-factly.

Nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments
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