Healthier Substitutes for Junk Food

The introduction of junk food was a blessing to our taste buds but has proven to be a curse to our health. They have managed to get us addicted, and we are now clueless about how to curb those cravings!

Sweet or savoury, there’s a food item for all your tastes in the junk food arena! Given how quickly they are available to us, saying ‘no’ requires a lot of willpower.

Whether it is weight problems that are your cause for concern or laziness that has hit you, eliminating junk food can help fix them. Thank God for these healthy swaps that will trick your tastebuds!

1.  Sugar with Honey

This is the biggest swap you can make for a healthier life! Processed sugar, also known as slow poison can have you addicted and can be a leading cause of a bunch of lifelong diseases. Be it a hot cake or your favourite kheer; they are all drowning in sugar. Try making your desserts at home by swapping sugar with honey. A banana pancake drizzled with honey makes for a healthy breakfast option!

2.  Potato Chips with Popcorn

We normally reach for a bag of chips when our brain confuses boredom with hunger. Once we’ve started eating chips, it’s easy to lose count of how much we have consumed. They are also used to accompany our sandwiches or wraps, without considering the harm they do to our bodies. Popcorn, without too much butter, is a great alternative to chips as it is low in calories. They come in as many seasonings as chips do, if not more!

3.  Soda with Infused Water

We have trained our bodies to drink sodas to wash down all the junk we consume! The dangerously high amounts of sugar can instantly cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, opening doors to a ton of diseases. With infused water gaining significant popularity in recent years, people are making the big switch! Not only is infused water a healthier option but is also tasty. Just throw in your favourite fruits, with mint leaves or ginger and embrace the new trend.

4.  White Bread with Whole Grain Bread

Our traditional white bread is made from all-purpose flour, which has low nutritional value. The carbohydrates are a contributing factor to weight gain too. As opposed to white bread, whole grain bread has a higher amount of fibre and protein. They can also help lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Watch the circumference of your waist get smaller without giving up on your beloved sandwich!

5.  Processed Ice Cream with Homemade Banana Ice-Cream

Both adults and children love ice cream. However, this sugary treat is loaded with many unwanted calories. The best way to curb the frequent ice cream cravings is to stack up on frozen mashed bananas. Apart from being low fat and healthy, it is also creamy and tasty. Throw in a bit of chocolate powder or a spoonful of peanut butter for a welcome flavour!

Small changes in your diet will go a long way. Cutting junk food from your diet will make your skin clearer and also help you shed those extra calories!

Healthier Substitutes for Junk Food
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  • September 11, 2018 at 5:04 am

    Keep the good work on, wish to read more for a learner and fittest tomorrow…..

  • September 11, 2018 at 5:05 am

    Keep the good work on, wish to read more for a learner and fittest tomorrow…..


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