Detachment in Attachment

Right from the day we are born to the day we die we keep classifying people, things, issues as “mine” and “not mine”. It starts with our own body, thoughts, emotions to people around us, things, caste, groups, nations and so on….

The more we identify with something we in effect exclude the other things and we forget an important fact of life that is inclusion and not exclusion and then we say that we need a more inclusive society, company, nation, etc. We need to look into ourselves and realize that the exclusiveness lies within us and classifications are made by our own mind. When we are prepared to drop these classifications/identifications that’s when true inclusiveness is possible. It is the detachment in attachment that needs to be practiced.


Wishing you a detached weekend.

Detachment in Attachment
About Ajit Bam

Ajit Bam is a Philanthropist, Writer, Mentor at FREE - Forests, Renewable Energy, Environment. A Chartered Accountant by Qualification with extensive continuing education in Executive Management Programs @ Harvard Business School, Michigan- Ross Business School, IIM-A. He has pursued spiritual interests since an early age exploring inner facets of self through Vipassana, Isha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, other yogic approaches / meditation techniques.

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