Risks of skipping meals & tricks to avoid

We intend to skip our meals once, twice or even thrice a week. Skipping breakfast is more common and often dinner is missed. Our meetings, our schedules take a priority and often we have no time to eat. Many of us skip meal thinking that will add weight.

Whatever is the reason – skipping meals regularly is dangerous for health.  Skipping meals leads to nutritional imbalance, metabolism sloes down and your brain is told to hunt for more food.


Few negative effects of skipping meals are :

1.Lower energy level : Due to lack of glucose which is obtained from breaking down of nutrients, body energy level decreases. Irritability, headache, fatigue becomes frequent.

2. Impairs brain function: Brain runs on glucose. Fasting for hours or more disrupts supply of glucose to the brain. This impairs concentration, focus, memory and mood.

3. Weight Gain : Research shows that subjects who skipped meals most often burnt lesser calories. Slowing down of metabolism cause weight gain or make it harder to lose weight.

4.   We crave for more food : Staying long time without food weakens our body and sends body to survival mode. Our cells and body starts craving for more food and mostly we tend to take unhealthy and unproportionate quantity of food

5. Stress and mood swings : Skipping meals makes one more irritable. This is due to lack of sugar levels. Brain fog, confusions are clear consequences of habit of skipping meals.


Opt for the tricks to stop yourself skipping meals :

  • Wipe out the myth that skipping meal reduces weight
  • Start your day with breakfast well packed with protein & fiber
  • Keep smaller, frequent meal options handy throughout the day rather than skipping meals.
  • Plan your meals in advance like you do for your meetings
  • Keep interesting food options handy


Risks of skipping meals & tricks to avoid
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