Power of Silence in Mind

If you are silent in your mind, you are relaxed. The essence of any Yoga technique is to make you experience the relaxed state of mind. We flood the mind with innumerable thoughts and emotions and then say that we are stressed. Stress is a self created situation. Practicing meditation brings your focus and attention to the present. As much time as you are able to spend in the present by consciously relaxing, the better would be the quality of your life.​


Sharing a note on benefits of practicing silence and wish​ you a meditative week ahead.



9 Powerful Benefits of Sitting in Silence :


Sitting in silence is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself. And today I will share with you 9 of the many benefits sitting in silence can bring and the many ways in which it can transform you and your life.

1.Silence teaches you the value of words

The beautiful thing about sitting in silence is that it teaches you the value of words and how powerful they truly are. Silence teaches you to speak only when it’s truly necessary, and only about that which is kind, loving and life-giving.

2.Helps you remember

Sitting in silence helps you remember who you truly are underneath it all and why you’re here on this planet. It helps you reconnect with the center of your being and the Truth of who you are.

3.Gives you courage

Stillness helps you find the inner strength, courage, and confidence to be all that life created you to be and live your life in alignment with your purpose.

4.Helps you find Peace of mind

Silence helps you find the Peace which transcends all understanding – a state of being this noisy world knows little or nothing about – so that you can remain peaceful, calm and centered amidst all life’s many challenges and trials.

5.Teaches you compassion

The world teaches us to be critical and judgmental towards one another. To notice our differences and look at them as a reason to keep our distance from one another. But silence is wise. Silence teaches you to embrace compassion, love, humility, and understanding. To recognize yourself in your fellow human beings and to love them as you would want them to love you.

6.Helps you Know the ONEness of things

The noise that’s present in our day to day lives keeps most people from experiencing the ONEness of all things. But silence helps us to remember. Sitting in silence helps us to Know the ONEness of all things, not just mentally – through thoughts and ideas, but spiritually – through direct contact and experience.

7.Helps you experience you own Bliss

The world offers nothing of lasting value. But silence does. Silence helps you tap into your own bliss so that you can experience the delicious feeling that comes from being ONE with all that life created you to be, and ONE with everything.

8.Helps you tap into your soul’s wisdom

There is wisdom in the world and True Wisdom in the silence. And through stillness, you can tap into your soul’s wisdom and access feelings, and experiences that are out of this world.

9.Direct contact with the Source of all things

It is in silence that you can hear the voice of God. Only through silence, you can have direct contact with the Source of all things. And the great masters, mystics and spiritual teachers of the world knew this to be true:

“God’s one and only voice is silence” ~ Herman Melville

“Be still, and know that I am God!” ~ Psalm 46:10

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” ~ Rumi

It is in silence that you can hear the voice of God. Only through silence, can you have direct contact with the Source of all things.

And these are 9 of the many benefits sitting in silence can bring.


Power of Silence in Mind
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