Simple & Effective New Year Resolution for 2019

This year keep your resolution simple. Make just one change for happiness. What if a single change makes your near ones happier and bring a complete ‘new you’? This time of the year is the best time to take step for a better and happy you. However big or small your achievements are, however fat or thin a person is – the ultimate goal is being happy at own place.

Making a list of New Year Resolutions is common and fairly good initiative to start with. More or less every one of us do every year end. The most common list includes health checkups, starting a health routine, money management, helping others, anger management and so on.

But the more long a list you have, the less a chance you change yourself. There is rather an amazing way to change yourself to a better you. This is the simplest way as it involves your near ones and easy to stick to it because you can cross check the change.

The game is, ask your near ones to tell the single change they want to see in you. Ask your mother/father one single change they want in you. Not a list. Only one. Ask your daughter/son the only one change they wish you could change to become a better person. Ask your spouse – which ONE change in your personality or behaviour or working will make it easy for them to deal yourself. It is fabulous idea to understand yourself as a person too ! Asking this question also conveys your near one – how important they are.

Often in this life grind we go with the wind and start living in continuous stress, we rarely value the person we live with. However small your kid is, he might expect a father who smiles more often or play with him. This one question theory really opens your eyes and let you think about yourself. And to obey ONE request a year is fairly achievable.

Go ahead, trust others – they are the real ones who value you. The one whose happiness & sorrow means a lot to you. Ask your best friend the ONE thing he/she wants you should change. Give your best to bring the ONE change this year. And bringing small change is achievable rather making a long list and fail.

In case you find your best friend, your spouse and your kid saying the same change, thank God you found your flaw – which you anyway should get rid of if you wish a better life.

Health, wealth, happiness all are linked together. We all live with each other, even with our greatest enemy we share lives. So it is most important to better ourselves every day. Let us make this resolution to stay connected and be a better person this year.

Simple & Effective New Year Resolution for 2019
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